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West Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea - 1st Call for Proposals

Creation date: June 26, 2009

In the framework of the TEN-T project "West Med Corridors", the Steering Committee - consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports of the Italian Republic, Ministère de l'Ecologie, de l'Energie du Développement Durable et de l'Aménagement du Territorie of The French Republic and the Malta Maritime Authority - launches the 1st Call for Proposals for the West Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea (Priority Project 21).

Project proposals must be submitted by consortia consisting of at least two ports/port terminals from two different Member States (one of which should be one of the three participant countries: Italy, France and Malta) and at least one maritime transport operator.

The main objectives of this call are the following:

a) identify MoS projects that will and become part of the MoS Master Plan of the West Mediterranean and contribute to the development of the trans-European transport network

b) positively evaluated MoS proposals, that can be further submitted to the TEN-T and Marco Polo Call for Proposals for co-financing

c) record the needs of the market (bottom -up approach) and thus develop the Master Plan of the MoS according to these needs

The deadline to submit applications is 15th of November 2009. To know more about how to submit a proposal, consult the call text  .pdf (66.1 KB)or visit the West Med Corridors website.


Additionally, a common conference on "EAST - WEST MED ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MEDITERRANEAN MOTORWAYS OF THE SEA - seizing the opportunities of EU support" will take place in Rome on 1st October 2009.





The information on the joint Member State call for proposals for Motorways of the Sea projects published on this website remains entirely under the responsibility of the Member States issuing the call and does in no way engage the Commission. In particular, the selection of a Motorways of the Sea project by the Member States in the framework of their joint call for proposals does in no way bind the Commission to select the project in the framework of an EC call issued under the TEN-T or Marco Polo programmes, even if this selection would lead to the provision of state aid. Conversely, selection of a Motorways of the Sea project proposal by the Member States in the framework of a joint call is a condition, for Motorways of the Sea project proposals, to receiving co-financing from the TEN-T programme.