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Third State of the Energy Union: EU is on track to implement the Energy Union and deliver jobs, growth and investments

Creation date: November 24, 2017

The European Commission published today its third report on the State of the Energy Union which shows that EU is on track to implement the Energy Union project and deliver jobs, growth and investments. The report looks at the progress made over the past year after the publication of the second State of the Energy Union in February 2017 and looks forward to the year ahead.

The Third State of the Energy Union also confirms that energy transition is not possible without adapting the infrastructure to the needs of the future energy system. To address this, the Commission adopted the third list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) today. 

Projects of common interest (PCIs) are key infrastructure projects aimed at completing the European energy market in order to help the EU achieve its energy policy and climate objectives: affordable, secure and sustainable energy for all citizens, as well as the long-term decarbonisation of the economy in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

The 2017 list includes 173 projects - 110 electricity and smart grids projects, 53 gas projects, and 6 oil projects. For the first time, the list of PCIs provides for four cross-border carbon dioxide network projects. The first list was published in 2013 and the second in 2015.

Projects selected as PCIs can automatically benefit from many advantages stemming from the Trans-European Network - Energy (TEN-E) Regulation, including an accelerated permit granting and improved regulatory treatment. PCIs have access to a total of €5.35 billion in funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the EU's €30 billion fund for boosting energy, transport, and digital infrastructure between 2014 and 2020. CEF Energy has a grant budget of €4.7 billion for the period 2014-2020 and has been set up to support studies and construction works in the areas of gas, electricity and smart grids. Grants are awarded through competitive calls for proposals managed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).


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