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Success for 2013 TEN-T Project Management Workshop

Creation date: February 22, 2013

The 2013 TEN-T Project Management Workshop, which was held in Brussels on 21 February 2013, proved to be a considerable success, attracting around 200 participants. This annual Agency-organised event serves as the main forum for TEN-T project beneficiaries to discuss with Agency representatives about issues of common interest and find shared ways to improve practices in project management.


The second Agency biennial report, covering years 2011 and 2012, was included in the participant folders and is available for download from the website. It details the accomplishments of the Agency over the last two years – from improved communications with beneficiaries to reduced times to release TEN-T funding to implementing bodies.


The event was concluded by TEN-T EA Executive Director Dirk Beckers, who thanked all participants and outlined the importance of the Workshop in helping both Agency and beneficiaries understand each other's needs and constraints and in allowing a smoother flow of information in both directions and in simplifying the TEN-T programme management procedures as much as possible.


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All of the Workshop presentations are available for your reference on our website.