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Creation date: May 3, 2020

INEA is looking for new experts to assess CEF Telecom project proposals submitted for EU funding in the areas of:





Safer Internet


Public Open Data


European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs


eHealth European Reference Networks (ERNs)



Media Observatory

What's in it for you?

The expert assignment offers you:

  • New 'EU stamped' experience on your CV
  • Enhanced employability through more diverse knowledge of the EU funding programmes
  • Great networking opportunities with peers and representatives from the EU institutions
  • An overview of major projects that will shape the future of European Telecommunications Digital Service infrastructure

Registration as soon as possible!

INEA needs CEF Telecom call evaluators for the several calls that will be opened in 2020. If you want to be considered, please register as soon as possible in the expert database.

How to apply?

Register in the European Commission's expert database.

Make sure to:

  • Choose the CEF programme in the  Programme Selection section
  • Add any other keywords best describing your expertise and background
  • Add your email address so that you may be contacted
  • Apply as soon as possible
  • Do not send emails to INEA – the expert database is the only way to be selected as an independent expert!

Take a look at the manual for experts for more information.

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