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RL/UK electric vehicle charging station study gets EU funding

Creation date: October 16, 2013

The European Union will provide over €3.5 million from the TEN-T Programme to support real-world trials of charging stations for electric vehicles in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. The project, which contributes to the realisation of the “Road axis United Kingdom/Ireland/Benelux” and the “Railway/road axis Ireland/United Kingdom/continental Europe” (respectively TEN-T Priority Project 13 and 26) has the ultimate aim of introducing new clean technologies to the TEN-T network.


The study, which was selected for funding under the 2012 TEN-T Multi-Annual Call, involves demonstrating, through other studies and trials, that the electrification of road transport is a viable possibility for the near future. It will also develop an understanding of charging infrastructure and technology requirements.


The business feasibility and customer convenience of multi-standard electric vehicle rapid charging stations will also be looked at, together with associated deployment along the full length of PP13 and PP26 in the UK and Ireland. An actual trial of 74 rapid charging stations covering over 1,100 km along major UK and Irish roads will be carried out, which will also link to five major seaports and five international airports. Thus, it will promote multimodal transport solutions by linking road users to sea and air transport modes.


The results of the study are expected to have positive impacts both in terms of policy-making and decision-making in connection with the introduction of new clean technologies in both countries and possibly in other EU Member States.


The study will be monitored by the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA) and is set to be completed by December 2015.