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New Swedish rail link shows impact of EU TEN-T financing

Creation date: December 8, 2015

A new rail link through the Hallandsås ridge in South-Western Sweden which has been supported by the EU's TEN-T Programme with almost €80 million will be inaugurated today. The new link, which is part of a broader project to upgrade the whole West Coast Line to double track, will allow a significant increase in capacity and safety on the line, whilst also reducing transit times. Furthermore, the project contributes to the realisation of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T Core Network Corridor.

The project, which has been monitored by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), concerns the construction of two 8.7 kilometre long parallel railway tunnels through the Hallandsås ridge as well as installing a new double track railway line between the towns of Båstad and Förslöv, complemented by two new railway stations close to the portals of the tunnel. Bypassing the old single-track line meandering around the Hallandsås ridge had become a necessity to ensure for heavier and faster rail traffic.

As of today, passenger trains using the Hallandsås tunnel can be expected to save around 15 minutes and capacity will be increased thanks to the new tunnel from 4 to 24 trains every hour. Completion of the project brings the envisaged high speed railway line between Oslo and Hamburg (via Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen) a step closer.