Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

New positions open at the TEN-T EA

Creation date: July 8, 2009

Four new colleagues are sought to join the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency team, for the following positions:


  • GIS (Geographical Information System) Manager
  • Financial Engineering Manager
  • Senior Financial Engineering Manager
  • External Audit Officer


The Agency has published a vacancy for a GIS (Geographical Information System) Manager with a deadline to submit applications of 14 August 2009. The GIS Manager will be responsible for the proper administration of the GIS, the development of applications as well as user support.


4 September 2009 is the deadline for the following three positions:


A Financial Engineering Manager is also being recruited. This person, which will report to the Senior Financial Engineering Manager, should have expertise in the promotion of the setting up of projects involving public and private funding and partnerships, by providing support and advice on financial and institutional aspects relating to the preparation, formulation, feasibility, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of such projects.


A Senior Financial Engineering Manager position will coordinate the work of the Financial Engineering Manager and work autonomously under the Head of Unit.


An External Audit Officer is being recruited to join the Agency's External Audit team. Reporting to the External Audit Manager, this person will contribute to the continuous development of sound and efficient management practices in relation to, inter alia, risk control, safeguard of assets, monitoring compliance with rules, accuracy and reliability of management information, implementation of internal controls and value of money in the use of the resources made available to the Agency.


For a complete description of the duties involved, the eligibility requirements and the selection procedure please consult the TEN-T EA page on job opportunities.