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A new intermodal platform for Liege airport

Creation date: January 3, 2013

The European Union will support with over €1 million from the TEN-T Programme a series of studies that will lead to the realisation of an intermodal platform at Liège's airport in Belgium in order to seamlessly move freight between road, rail and air.


The project, which was selected for funding under the 2011 TEN-T Annual Call, will be realised by Liège CAREX, a body part of a broad network (Euro CAREX) which includes Lyon, Paris, London and Amsterdam and aims to improve intermodal transport and, in particular, to shift freight from air and road to rail mode.


Within the coordinated scope of Euro CAREX, Liège CAREX aims to carry out the construction of a trimodal railport (air, rail, road). This will constitute a link in the future European express rail freight network: travelling on the high speed lines and offering a viable alternative to the short-distance intra-European flights and to express road freight.


The studies will cover all the technical and financial aspects, which will create the basis for the future construction works of the Liège Railport. With this project, Liège takes a lead role in the Euro CAREX Network, by being the first site to propose the finalisation of the studies and the concrete implementation of the intermodal terminal.


The project will be managed by the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency and is set to be completed by November 2014.


For more information, please consult the project's page!



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