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Motorways of the Sea projects in the Baltic Sea area - Call for Proposals

Creation date: November 25, 2009

In order to strengthen the efficiency and sustainability of the transport system in the Baltic Sea area, national and regional authorities, national transport authorities, port authorities and the industry have joined forces in a number of initiatives and projects, of which some have been co-financed by the EU.


National ministries have hence issued this Motorways of the Sea call for proposals in the Baltic Sea area as part of the Motorway of the Sea as defined in the Priority Project 21 of the TEN-T guidelines. This call is targeted at consortia bringing together at least port and maritime transport operators.


Funding under this call is available for:


a) Infrastructure: port infrastructures, infrastructures for direct land and sea access (see Art.12a (2) of the TEN-T Guidelines) as well as inland waterway and canal infrastructures within the meaning of Art. 12a (3) of the TEN-T Guidelines.


b) Facilities: electronic logistics management systems, facilities to ensure and enhance safety and security, facilities to simplify administrative and customs procedures , facilities for icebreaking and dredging operations (see Article 12 a (2) of the TEN-T Guidelines).


c) Studies: feasibility, scope and implementation of a project (see Art. 6 1(a) of regulation (EC) No 680/2007).


The call focuses on the period 2009-2013 and proposals can normally be submitted to Member states at any time during the year. (please check official call document for further details -  .pdf (78 KB))





The information on the joint Member State call for proposals for Motorways of the Sea projects published on this website remains entirely under the responsibility of the Member States issuing the call and does in no way engage the Commission. In particular, the selection of a Motorways of the Sea project by the Member States in the framework of their joint call for proposals does in no way bind the Commission to select the project in the framework of an EC call issued under the TEN-T or Marco Polo programmes, even if this selection would lead to the provision of state aid. Conversely, selection of a Motorways of the Sea project proposal by the Member States in the framework of a joint call is a condition, for Motorways of the Sea project proposals, to receiving co-financing from the TEN-T programme.