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Motorways of the Sea project to improve transport infrastructure in Germany

Creation date: August 1, 2011

A Motorways of the Sea project to improve the ports of Rostock (Germany) and Gedser (Denmark) and bring improvements to the Danish road network will receive almost €25 million in EU support as part of the 2010 TEN-T Multi-Annual Call. The infrastructure improvements will have a positive effect of various TEN-T Priority Projects by relieving congested infrastructure and improving the north-south transport flow.


The project is part of a broader action to improve the Copenhagen to Berlin axis by upgrading different types of transport infrastructures. It will positively contribute to Priority Project 21 (Motorways of the Sea) and act as a continuation northwards of Priority Project 1 (Railway axis Berlin-Verona/Milano-Bologna-Napoli-Messina-Palermo).


Improvements to the Rostock and Gedser ports will involve new infrastructure to accommodate the new ferries which will be put into service in the first half of 2012. These new ships will improve reliability, environmental performance, capacity and reduce costs. This will make the ferry link more viable for transport operators and foster intermodality.


The project will also involve the construction of a bypass on the E55 motorway, which currently crosses the Danish town of Nykøbing Falster, a major bottleneck. Construction of the bypass will ensure a smoother flow of traffic whilst at the same time improve safety and reduce the environmental impact of the road sector in this particular area.


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Read the press release in Danish - .pdf (14.7 KB)

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