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Mediterranean ports to become better integrated

Creation date: July 26, 2011

Ports in Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Spain will benefit from almost €3 million in EU funding from the TEN-T budget to conduct a study and pilot aimed at fostering collaboration and integration between groups of ports and intermodal door-to-door transport solutions. The activity is part of TEN-T Priority Project 21 “Motorways of the Sea”.


The study, which is referred to as MoS4MoS and was selected under the 2010 TEN-T Multi-Annual Call, brings together a number of ports in the Mediterranean area with the aim of designing a set of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions which, when implemented, will improve transport flows and facilitate co-ordination between the various administrations and operators.


The ultimate objective is to facilitate freight and passenger transport between the participating ports through smart applications and better integration between the different modes of transport.


At least 3 prototypes will be developed and tested in 2012 to facilitate operations at port gateways, short-sea capacities, intermodal transport solutions and freight corridors.


For more information, please consult the project's page!



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