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Longer trains for a greener environment in the UK

Creation date: December 13, 2012

The European Union will support with €5 million from the TEN-T Programme a project to improve rail infrastructure at various locations in the UK in order to accommodate longer trains and reduce travel times. The project will eventually yield faster rail transport, additional capacity and, as a consequence, an improved environmental performance.


The project, which was selected for funding under the 2011 TEN-T Annual Call, will support the necessary works to accommodate 775 metre-long freight trains at various locations between the port of Southampton on the southern English coast and the West Coast Main Line (TEN-T Priority Project 14) at Nuneaton.


Station platforms will be lengthened to match the longer freight convoys and rail loops will also be modified. This will allow longer freight trains to travel from Southampton until the West Midlands and then further on to northern England and Scotland, thereby reducing the number of convoys on this stretch of infrastructure and improving multimodality.


As part of the project, freight bottlenecks along the route will also be addressed and, by allowing more freight to be moved by fewer trains, there will be a positive impact on the environment.


The project will be managed by the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency and is set to be completed by December 2014.


For more information, please consult the project's page!