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Join the new WiFi4EU community!

Creation date: June 23, 2020

The WiFi4EU community has now an updated multilingual and mobile-friendly interface that will improve the experience for all users across Europe.

Since the launch of the initiative, the Community has brought together people from 30 participating countries and has generated hundreds of discussions in 24 languages.

The WiFi4EU Community is open to all WiFi4EU stakeholders, primarily municipalities and Wi-Fi installation companies, but also citizens and representatives involved in the deployment of the network.


The WiFi4EU Community is hosted by Futurium, a platform dedicated to European citizens for discussing EU policies. Futurium has been updated to feature a multilingual user- and mobile-friendly interface, allowing citizens from all Member States to register and engage in different communities. Once registered, users will be able to easily access the WiFi4EU Community and participate in the discussions.

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