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Implementation successes highlight importance of TEN-T funding

Creation date: November 28, 2011

The Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency (TEN-T EA) launched today a new campaign for the TEN-T Days (Antwerp, 29-30 November 2011) called “10 out of TEN” with the aim of showcasing successfully implemented TEN-T projects. The campaign highlights projects co-financed by the EU’s TEN-T Programme whose successful implementation contributed to yield regional, national and European added value and are helping to complete the TEN-T network.


TEN-T EA Executive Director Dirk Beckers noted: “I am confident that this initiative will help reinforce the conviction among all TEN-T stakeholders about the importance that the completion of the TEN-T network – brought forward by projects like the ones highlighted by the campaign – has in fostering European cohesion, growth and delivering tangible results affecting the lives of ordinary EU citizens. The TEN-T EA is proud to play a part in these project successes.”

The “10 out of TEN” campaign aims for stakeholders to be aware of the impact of the TEN-T Programme, as well as the TEN-T Executive Agency’s role in its effective management.


A special publication highlights a selected ten out of the various implementation successes of the TEN-T Programme whilst a special section of the TEN-T EA’s website showcases these and other completed projects that the TEN-T Executive Agency has managed on behalf of the European Commission. This section will continue to expand as more projects are successfully closed.


On the website, users will be able to scroll an interactive European map and access detailed information about each individual project and the benefits its realisation has entailed.


The “10 out of TEN” projects presented hail from a variety of countries, outlining the broad geographical significance of the Programme, which supports actions in every EU Member State:

  • Improving the management of Danish and Swedish skies (Denmark,Sweden)
  • Safer, quicker journeys on Poland’s A1 motorway (Poland)
  • Easier journey planning for Polish railway users (Poland)
  • Speeding up rail travel in the Spanish Basque Country (Spain)
  • Improving railway safety and efficiency using ERTMS (Belgium, France,Germany, The Netherlands)
  • Speeding up train travel through Eastern France (France)
  • Making Flemish inland waterways safer and more navigable (Belgium)
  • Improving safety and navigation in Europe’s inland waterways (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia)
  • Increasing accessibility and efficiency at the Port of Norrköping (Sweden)
  • Safer, quicker travel and faster incident response on the UK’s A14 motorway (United Kingdom)

For more information visit the project implementation successes section of this website or contact the TEN-T EA Communications Department.