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Horizon 2020 smart grid projects join forces

Creation date: July 11, 2017

BRIDGE is the European Commission'sĀ initiative that gathers Horizon 2020 smart grid and energy storage projects with the goal to foster the cooperation among them, encourage the exchange know-how and best practices, and propose new solutions for overcoming innovation barriers in the field.

So far, 32 projects managed by INEA have joined BRIDGE; they participate in working groups on data management, business models, regulations and customer engagement to come up with recommendations and anticipate the exploitation of future project results.

By joining forces, the projects hope to increase their impact and to speak in one voice to policy-makers, research communities and other stakeholders in the area of smart grid and storage.

BRIDGE has recently published a brochure explaining its goals, giving statistics and showcasing all the involved projects.

BRIDGE's website