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Groundbreaking ceremony for a new electricity transmission line in Bulgaria thanks to EU supported project

Creation date: May 15, 2019

The works to build a new 130 km electricity line connecting the energy complex of Maritsa East and the city of Burgas on the territory of Bulgaria, supported by the EU's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme, were started today. The new line will reinforce the Bulgarian electricity network and enhance the security of supply to households in the region.

The works are financed under the 2015 CEF Energy call for proposals and contribute to the implementation of an EU Project of Common Interest (PCI) - "Cluster Bulgaria - Greece between Maritsa East 1 and Nea Santa and the necessary internal reinforcements in Bulgaria" (PCI 3.7.4). It receives a maximum EU co-financing of €28.9 million and supports the construction of an overhead electricity line with a power capacity of 1,500 MW at a voltage of 400 kV. This project, once completed, will ultimately reinforce the Bulgarian internal grid, enhance the cross-border transfer capacity between Greece, Bulgaria and by extension Romania, and allow the large-scale integration of new renewable energy sources in the grid.

Today's ceremony, hosted by the beneficiary, Elektroenergien Sistemen Operator, which saw the presence of representatives from the Bulgarian Ministry for Energy, the municipality of Yambol and INEA representatives, among others, is a significant step towards improving the performance of the electrical grid in the region to ensure final customers can benefit from secure, competitive, and sustainable energy.

The CEF Energy programme

The CEF programme in the field of energy provides funding to infrastructure projects in electricity, smart grids, cross-border carbon dioxide network and gas with the aim to better interconnect energy network towards a single energy market in Europe. The programme supports the key objectives of the Energy Union by promoting further integration of the internal energy market, enhancing security of energy supply and integrating energy from renewable sources into the network. €750 million will be made available in 2019 to finance PCIs in the sectors of electricity, smart grids, cross-border carbon dioxide network and gas infrastructure.