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German lock basin to be partly financed by EU

Creation date: June 8, 2011

The construction of a second lock basin on the Mosel river close to the town of Trier, in Germany, will be partly funded via the 2010 TEN-T Annual Programme. The project will receive over €2 million in contribution to ensure that one of the bottlenecks currently impeding a smooth flow of fluvial traffic is removed by doubling lock capacity.


The aim of the project is to build a second lock basin in Trier, on the Mosel river. This is a requirement for this class Vb waterway (a waterway capable of accommodating vessels of up to 3,200 tonnes and 185 metres in length) if it is to meet future traffic growth and will smoothen traffic to/from the larger rivers in the regions.


Thanks to this lock, the connection of the Rhine river via the Mosel river to Luxembourg will be clearly improved as well as that to the Lorraine region of France and via the Saar river to Germany's Saar region.


The TEN-T fund is also co-financing a similar project to construct a second lock in Fankel on the Mosel river. The waiting periods for freight shipping will altogether disappear and transport operators will benefit from faster transit times through this waterway when all locks have been upgraded.


Construction is expected to last until December 2012, when the new lock basin will enter into service.


For more information, please consult the project's page!