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First meeting for FAIRway Danube project in Brussels today

Creation date: February 9, 2016

Stakeholders for the FAIRway Danube project are meeting today in Brussels to discuss the project deliverables and agree on the implementation timeframe of the project.


The first outcomes of the project include:

  • The updated national Action Plans in the riparian countries
  • The state of the art analysis for the preparation of the procurement of hydrological services
  • The pre-feasibility study on the improvement of the Gabčíkovo locks 


With an estimated total cost of €22 million and a CEF support of €19 million, the FAIRway Danube project brings together the 6 countries in the lower Danube basin (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary Romania and Slovakia) so that they may improve regional cooperation to achieve EU-wide market integration and to further contribute to unlocking the full potential of the inland waterway sector.


FAIRway Danube Steering Committee at the meeting


To know more about the FAIRway project, check it out on our website: