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First Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) action comes to an end

Creation date: May 7, 2015

The first action established under the 2014 CEF Energy calls has come to an end, a key milestone underlying the effectiveness of the Connecting Europe Facility instrument. The action, which took place in Lithuania, aimed at addressing issues with the operation of the Baltic States' electricity system with the European Continental Network.

The study provides the final technical requirements for a large scale generating unit to be integrated into the Baltic electricity system, whilst the Baltic countries operate synchronously with the European Continental Network (CEN). It also evaluates various operating requirements and parameters of the synchronous zone and related costs compared to different scenarios, covering in addition all system reinforcements, stability improvements, technical measures or operational limitations as well as the implementation plan. The study lays down the groundwork for a integration of the Baltic States' electricity grids with the rest of the EU, allowing for a more effective collaboration for electricity generation and transmission.