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Fast charge of electric vehicles in Denmark to become easier with EU support

Creation date: February 23, 2015

The EU's TEN-T Programme will co-fund with over €1 million a pilot project upgrading the existing charging stations in Denmark to common European standards. This will allow different types of electric vehicles from all over Europe to travel freely in Denmark and will serve as best practice to other European countries.


The pilot project will transform 40 of the 46 existing charging stations in Denmark into fast, multi-standard and interoperable facilities to meet the coming European standards and to achieve compatibility with other EU countries.


As a pilot deployment, the project is expected to not only help develop the electric vehicle infrastructure in Denmark but also for the rest of Europe and foster drivers’ acceptance of electric vehicles. Empirical evidence on technical challenges and how to roll out an efficient national network will be collected and reported to other Member States facing the same challenges.


Additionally, the project aims to contribute to several environmental benefits, such as reducing noise and local air pollution (especially in cities), cutting on CO2 emissions, and supporting the growth of a significant green tech industry in Europe.


The project was selected for EU funding with the assistance of external experts under the TEN-T Annual Call 2013, priority 'Decarbonisation (Oil substitution or environmental cost reduction)'. Its implementation will be monitored by INEA, the European

Commission's Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.


The project is to be completed by 31 December 2015.


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Project: 2013-DK-92046-S


The TEN-T Programme was established by the European Commission to support the construction and upgrade of transport infrastructure across the European Union.


The INEA is managing the technical and financial implementation of the TEN-T programme.