Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

Example of Strategic Action Plan (SAP) now available

Creation date: March 16, 2010

The TEN-T EA, following up on the discussions held during the 2010 Project Management Workshop (Brussels, 12-13 January) has published the first example of "best practices" document: a complete Strategic Action Plan (SAP) of one of its larger infrastructure projects.


An SAP is a document with a twofold purpose:


  • firstly it describes the project management system applied to the preparation, planning and implementation of the Action up to its final completion;
  • secondly, during implementation, it provides decision-makers with all relevant information and analysis in order to take informed decisions whenever deviations from the SAP are encountered, as well as for assessing the impact of such decisions over the remaining implementation period


The SAP provided as example can be used by other beneficiaries as a model to build their own SAPs as it contains all the necessary information required by the Agency. Additional documents will be added shortly to provide even more examples for the use of beneficiaries.


The completed SAP can be found in the Beneficiaries Info Point's best practices section of our website.