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European Coordinator Pat Cox visits the Brenner Corridor

Creation date: March 17, 2011

Pat Cox, the European Coordinator responsible for Priority Project 1, visited Innsbruck and attended the Brenner Congress in Bolzano to discuss progress on the Brenner Corridor project, one of the largest projects managed by the TEN-T Executive Agency.


On both opportunities, Mr Cox thanked the Austrian and Italian authorities involved for their continuous commitment. He welcomed the decision to launch the works on the Brenner Base Tunnel as a crucial step towards realising the goal of a modal shift from road to rail which is of major importance for the alpine region.


Until 2016, Austria will invest approximately €1.3 billion in the tunnel infrastructure. Italy too authorised the launch of the works phase with a financial committment that guarantees coverage of the costs over the entire construction period. The EU foresees investing close to €1 billion in the Brenner Corridor by the end of 2013. This is by far the EU's highest TEN-T contribution among all 30 EU Priority Projects.


For more information on the Brenner Base Tunnel visit the specific project’s page: works and studies!