Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

€99 million available for Horizon 2020 Mobility for Growth projects

INEA ceased operations on 31 March 2021. The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) was established on 1 April 2021 to take over its legacy portfolio as well as additional EU funding programmes.

Creation date: December 3, 2019

15 Mobility for Growth topics under the 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 Work Programme are open for application as of today, 3 December. They make available EU funding of €99 million.

The Mobility for Growth call is part of the Horizon 2020 Smart, green and integrated transport challenge. It addresses the following transport challenges:

  • mode-specific (aviation, rail, road, waterborne)
  • transport integration specific challenges (urban, logistics, intelligent transport systems, infrastructure)
  • cross-cutting issues

The projects will be selected for funding in a single-stage evaluation. The deadline to submit a proposal is 28 April 2020 (new).

Deadline 28 April 2020
Call Reference Description Estimated Budget
LC-MG-1-12-2020 Cities as climate-resilient, connected multimodal nodes for smart and clean mobility: new approaches towards demonstrating and testing innovative solutions €4 million
LC-MG-1-15-2020 Towards global environmental regulation of supersonic aviation €13 million
MG-2-10-2020 Enhancing coordination between Member States' actions in the area of infrastructure research with a particular focus on biodiversity and ameliorating environmetal impacts and full automated infrastructure upgrade and maintenance €3 million
MG-2-13-2020 Coordination and support for an integrated freight transport and logistics system €1 million
MG-2-14-2020 The effects of automation on the transport labour force, future working conditions and skill requirements €2.5 million
MG-3-4-2020 Innovative electric network architectures and systems, optimising global energy, electrical power, data and communication for aviation €10 million
MG-3-5-2020 Next generation multifunctional and intelligent airframe and engine parts, with emphasis on manufacturing, maintenance and recycling €15 million
MG-3-6-2020 Towards sustainable urban air mobility €15 million
MG-3-7-2020 Improved Production Processes in Shipyards €15 million
MG-3-8-2020 ‘First of a Kind’ solutions for sustainable transport and mobility: EU facility for accelerating EU-wide market accces, scale up and derisking €1.5 million
MG-4-7-2020 Digitalisation of the transport system: data sharing €3 million
MG-4-8-2020 Advanced research methods and tools in support of transport/mobility researchers, planners and policy makers €3 million
MG-4-9-2020 The European mobility culture of tomorrow: Reinventing the wheel? €1 million
MG-4-10-2020 Improving impact and broadening engagement in transport research and innovation €4 million
MG-BG-03-2020 Under water noise mitigation and environmental impact €8 million

How to apply?

Applicants have to submit their proposal electronically, following the link from the topic's page on the Funding opportunities portal. Please follow the guidelines on proposal submission and evaluation.

For all questions related to Horizon 2020, please contact the Research Enquiry Service.

What are the requirements for applying?

The requirements for submitting a project proposal are detailed in the relevant documents published on individual call page. Please consult also the general annexes of the H2020 Work Programme for 2018-2020 for general rules on funding, such as the list of countries that can apply for funding, standard eligibility criteria, submission rules, types of projects and their funding rates and other useful information.

How will the grants be awarded?

The submitted proposals are evaluated by independent experts drawn from the European Commission's database of external evaluators. Applicants will receive the evaluation results at the latest five months after the submission deadline. Grant agreements will be signed with the successful applicants within eight months after the submission deadline.