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EU to invest over €800 million in Polish transport infrastructure

Creation date: November 24, 2017

INEA launched ten new projects co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF) in Warsaw today, in presence of Jerzy Kwieciński, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Economic Development. The projects are expected to develop the Polish rail network, improve the country's air traffic management system, as well as make the road and maritime transport greener. With an overall CEF Transport support of €4.2 billion, Poland is a key beneficiary of the programme.

Beneficiaries of all ten projects received their grant agreements in an official ceremony during the conference 'Connecting Europe Facility – achievements and perspectives'.

Three of the funded projects will receive nearly a total of €478 million from the CEF programme for construction works to modernise the railway lines in the following sections:

  • E75 railway line: Białystok-Suwałki -Trakiszki (state border) section, Białystok- Ełk section (€338 million)
  • E30 railway line: Kędzierzyn Koźle-Opole Zachodnie section (€90 million)
  • E30 and E65 railway lines in the Silesian Province: Będzin-Katowice-Tychy- Czechowice Dziedzice-Zebrzydowice; LOT C Most Wisła- Czechowice Dziedzice-Zabrzeg section (€95 million)

Nearly €1.2 million has been awarded to a feasibility study for the construction of rapid urban rail transport in Krakow, and another €1.8 million to the acoustic modernisation of freight wagons to reduce noise nuisance for people living close to the railway lines.

The CEF programme will support the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency with almost €5.8 million to modernise the country's air traffic management system and harmonise it with the European standards.

€945 thousand will go to studies and pilot construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) 'smart' docking station in Slawków that will allow long-term LNG storage and distribution to ships and road drivers.

Another project will receive nearly €400.5 thousand of EU funding to build 12 universal fast charging stations for electric cars along the motorway connecting Gdynia and Warsaw, as well as to plan the development of a larger network involving 90 new stations in Poland.

The Port of Swinoujscie will take part in a common project with Sweden to improve its infrastructure for a better maritime transport connection with the Port of Trelleborg in Sweden (€84 thousand EU support).

All ten projects were selected for funding via a competitive call for proposals that will in total invest €2.7 million in 152 key transport projects across the EU.

The newly launched projects have brought the CEF programme's support to the Polish transport sector to €4.2 billion, while the total project costs have been €5.5 billion. So far, 41 CEF-funded project grant agreements have been signed with Polish beneficiaries, most of them in the rail transport sector (22 projects).

INEA will be supervising implementation of all projects launched today throughout their entire lifecycle. 

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