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EU supports Portuguese public-private partnership on TEN-T infrastructure

Creation date: July 19, 2011

The European Union will fund with €1 million from the TEN-T budget a series of studies designed to support the public-private partnership (PPP) which will be implemented in Portugal to develop the country’s high speed rail network. The studies will hence ultimately contribute towards the realisation of TEN-T Priority Project 3, the “High-speed railway axis of southwest Europe”.


The EU-funded studies to support the PPP implementing the high speed rail network in Portugal are aimed at a faster creation and more efficient management of the works projects to build the rail network.


Submitted as a project under the innovative 2010 TEN-T Annual PPP Call, the studies are an essential element for the realisation of Portugal’s high speed rail network on the following sections:

  • Lisbon-Madrid axisLisbon-Porto axisÉvora-Faro-Huelva axis
  • Once completed, the studies will foster the implementation of the PPPs and positively contribute towards the realisation of this key stretch of rail infrastructure

For more information, please consult the project's page!


Read the press release in Portuguese - .pdf (17.1 KB)