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EU funds rail improvements in Finland

Creation date: August 9, 2011

The European Union has selected two Finnish rail projects for co-financing under the 2010 TEN-T Calls which will see the overall modernisation of two key rail routes in the country for a total support of over €5.7 million.


The Seinäjoki-Oulu section is a single-track railway line which is currently operating at full capacity levels and creating a bottleneck on the north-south axis for the entire Finnish rail network.


The EU has decided, based on the proposal presented by Finland during the 2010 TEN-T Calls, to co-fund a broad renovation and upgrade of this section to improve capacity, safety and speed.


Concretely, this will entail:

  • Improvement of rail infrastructure and associated superstructures
  • New safety equipment
  • Improvements in electrification of the track(s)
  • Removal of level-crossings at sections where operation speeds will be raised
  • Improvements of specific sections to enable higher axle loads and operation speeds
  • Capacity improvements (double track sections)
  • Choice of procurement model

The improvements are split into two distinct actions. The first one involves the Seinäjoki-Ruha and Pännäinen-Liminka sections and the planning phase for the Liminka-Oulu one, receiving a total EU contribution of €4.54 million. The second concerns studies regarding the feasibility of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) procurement model for the Kokkola-Ylivieska section, with a maximum EU contribution of €1.21 million.


The €5.7 million of support contributed by the EU will help to ensure a better and safer flow of rail traffic along one of the key axis in Finland, thus aiding the smoother flow of goods and people in the country.


For more information, please consult the projects' pages!







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