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The eIDAS regulation on eIdentification entries into force

Creation date: October 1, 2018

The EU-wide legislation on the electronic identification (eIDAS Regulation) has entered into force on 29 September enabling cross-border recognition of the electronic ID and allowing citizens and business to share their identity data when necessary.

The ‘eIDAS’ (electronic identification and trust services) encompasses a range of services that help verify the identity of individuals and businesses online or the authenticity of electronic documents.

eIDAS in a nutshell

eIDAS will offers new opportunities especially in the following areas:

  • Cross-border electronic transactions, such as enrolment in a foreign university, opening a bank account, accessing electronic health records.
  • Opening a bank account anywhere in the EU without being physically present in full compliance with the EU rules, especially against the money laundering. T
  • Reinforce the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Sharing only the necessary information, thus reducing significantly the risks of data misuse.
  • Reduce costs by using eID and electronic signatures.
  • Stimulate new innovative authentication services, such as seals or time stamps.

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