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Do you know what Financial Engineering is?

Creation date: August 24, 2011

An interesting new section on Financial Engineering has now been added to the TEN-T Executive Agency website. The Agency's Financial Engineering sector was created as part of the horizontal services it provides for beneficiaries. The sector aims to help find solutions to attract more private sector financing and to contribute to the improvement of the management of the TEN-T programme as a whole.


The cost of EU infrastructure development has been estimated at over €1.5 trillion for the 2010-2030 period – a massive investment for public sector budgets to undertake single-handedly, especially given the difficult market conditions that have persisted since the start of the economic and financial crisis in 2008. The EU consequently wants to encourage the private sector to play a greater role in funding transport infrastructure projects.


The Agency's Financial Engineering sector plays an important role in identifying and developing projects with Public-Private Partnership (PPP) potential, promoting increased private sector participation in the financing of TEN-T projects and ensuring that TEN-T beneficiaries have access to the necessary information and are provided with best practice. They are also on hand to help beneficiares optimise the use of private and public funds and give technical assistance to national, regional or local authorities regarding the financial structure of projects involving EU, national and private funding.


Find out more about Financial Engineering in the new web section.