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Commissioner Bulc: we're working towards a Single European Transport Area

Creation date: April 24, 2015

During her visit to INEA on 21 April Commissioner Bulc showed great interest in the projects managed by the Agency and wished to keep up the good work


Violeta Bulc, the EU's Commissioner for Transport, visited INEA on 21 April to meet the Agency's staff and learn about its activities.


"Our goal is to complete the Single European Transport Area and we're working closely with INEA to achieve that," she added: "We are one big team striving to reach our ambitious target: a truly integrated, multimodal, European transport network that is based on innovative solutions."


Dirk Beckers, Director of INEA, welcomed the Commissioner, as well as João Aguiar Machado, Director-General for Mobility & Transport and President of INEA’s Steering Committee, who accompanied the tour.


"It makes me very proud that INEA is seen as an integral part of the big family working towards ambitious transport policy goals," stated the Director: "Our key role will continue to be bridging the gap between policy and implementation, covering the whole lifecycle of the projects we manage. It is INEA’s firm intention to live up to the faith that the Commission has put in the Agency to do its part in making implementation happen."



From left to right: Dirk Beckers and Violeta Bulc


During her visit Commissioner Bulc followed a range of short presentations on the four programmes managed by INEA: H2020 transport and energy research, CEF, as well as TEN-T and Marco Polo legacies.