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CEF Telecom project to test the use eIDs for cross-border banking

Creation date: July 14, 2017

This project plans to develop and test a prototype as well as building the service design, infrastructures and operational framework that leverage eIDAS to enable a more trustworthy and efficient account opening process for EU citizens.


The Project, co-financed by CEF Telecom, brings together HSBC, Barclays, the UK Government Digital Service (GDS), Orange, OT-Morpho and the Open Identity Exchange (OIX UK), to test the use of public sector eIDAS (Electronic Identity and Signature) standards for banking across borders.


The consortium plans to carry out the work using eIDAS (Electronic Identity and Signature) standards, which is a set of official standards for electronic identification and transactions in the European Single Market that were built for the public sector. The project will test how these can also be used for the private sector.


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