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CEF Telecom: €41 million EU investment to connect Europe digitally

INEA ceased operations on 31 March 2021. The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) was established on 1 April 2021 to take over its legacy portfolio as well as additional EU funding programmes.

Creation date: April 30, 2019

83 projects in the areas of Cyber Security, eHealth, eProcurement, Online Dispute Resolution, e-Justice and Public Open Data have been selected to receive co-funding by the European Union. The funding comes from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme in the telecommunications sector. The successful projects include participation of entities from all EU Member States and Switzerland.

CEF Telecom funding supports projects of common interest that contribute to increasing the interoperability, connectivity and deployment of trans-European digital infrastructures across the EU, improving the daily life of citizens, businesses and public administrations, and thereby contributing to the development of a Digital Single Market. CEF Telecom has an overall budget of around €1 billion (2014-2020).

What projects will be funded?

  • Cybersecurity –  €11.4 million will be allocated to proposals developing the capabilities of different cybersecurity stakeholders in 17 countries, including those concerned by the NIS Directive (ie. Operators of Essential Services (19 proposals), national Computer Security Incident Response Teams (9 proposals), National Competent Authorities (2 proposals)); entities dealing with Cooperative and Connected Automated Mobility (2 proposals); public bodies with a cooperation agreement with at least 8 other MS legally established to meet EU policy objectives associated with Operational level cybersecurity (1 proposal). More information in this infographic.
  • eHealth – €4.7 million will be granted to 23 proposals with applicants from 11 Member States plus Switzerland, to improve cross-border healthcare access and services using ICT tools 
  • eProcurement – the 6 selected proposals, receiving nearly €2.2 million in funding and including applicants from 6 EU Member States, will support services enabling EU companies to respond to public procurement procedures from contracting entities in any Member State
  • European e-Justice Portal – 8 proposals worth over €1.7 million, with applicants from 8 EU Member States, have been selected to ensure that citizens and businesses can rapidly reap the practical benefits of e-Justice tools
  • Online Dispute Resolution – 2 proposals from 2 Member States, to resolve disputes between consumers and traders arising from online cross-border and domestic purchases, have been selected for funding
  • Public Open Data –  €20.7 million will be invested in 11 proposals coming from 16 Member States to achieve better services for citizens and public administrations, through the re-use of public-sector data, the creation of datasets usable in several countries, and greater high-performance computing (HPC) capacity

 The list of projects selected for funding is available here:

Next steps

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) will now begin the preparation of the individual grant agreements with the successful beneficiaries. INEA manages the calls for proposals and follows up the technical and financial implementation of the projects with the beneficiaries, providing technical expertise and high quality programme implementation.

Follow INEA on Twitter @inea_eu with the hashtag #CEFTelecom & LinkedIn to stay informed about the latest call developments.

About Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs)

  • CEF Telecom funding supports projects of common interest for the deployment of Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) across the EU. These are based on mature technical and organisational solutions to support exchanges and collaboration between citizens, businesses and public authorities. The objective is to create European networks of digital services that will make the Digital Single Market work in practice.
  • The CEF programme supports basic and re-usable digital services, known as building blocks, as well as more complex digital services. The building blocks can be combined with each other and integrated with more complex services.
  • Building blocks supported include: eIdentification, eSignature, eInvoicing, eDelivery, and eTranslation. Consult the full catalogue of reusable digital services.
  • Other digital services being supported include areas such as Safer Internet, Cybersecurity, eHealth and Online Dispute Resolution.
  • The list of digital services supported by CEF is available in the Annex to the Telecom Regulation.

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