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CEF Energy: EU invests €48.4 million in energy infrastructure

Creation date: July 17, 2018

The EU Member States agreed yesterday on a Commission proposal to invest €48.4 million in several key European energy infrastructure projects using funds coming from CEF Energy (CEF Energy call 2018-1). This decision grants financial aid to 8 proposals to undertake studies, of which 4 are in the electricity sector, 2 in the gas sector, 1 for smart grids, and 1 for carbon capture technology:

  • In the electricity sector, a grant for studies was awarded to an internal electricity line between Stanisławów and Ostrołęka in Poland, which enables the doubling of the capacity of LitPol Link1 and increases the participation of the Baltic States in the internal energy market relevant for the synchronisation project,
  • On smart grids, support was approved for the Smart Border Initiative between France and Germany. The project will enable the Saarland and Lorraine regions to develop joint solutions by making better use of the region's energy efficiency and renewable energy potential.
  • In the gas sector, the Connecting Europe Facility will support the reinforcement the Poland/Denmark gas interconnection which will bring gas from the North Sea directly to Poland and beyond to Central and South Eastern Europe.
  • Finally, funding will also be allocated to a study for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project in the United Kingdom

All of them are important projects with major cross-border benefits and by implementing them the energy resilience of EU Member States will be strengthened.

List of all projects receiving EU support under the current call


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