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Better collaboration between ports in the northern Adriatic

Creation date: July 14, 2011

The Northern Adriatic Ports Association’s (NAPA) ports of Venice, Trieste, Ravenna and Koper will collaborate in producing a study and pilot, which will be co-financed by the EU with almost €1.5 million from the TEN-T budget, to create information technology solutions for an efficient and attractive maritime gateway in the north Adriatic region.


The ports of Venice, Trieste and Ravenna in Italy and Koper in Slovenia will conduct a study (which will also include a pilot action) focused on the future deployment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions enabling an efficient information exchange between the NAPA ports, including eventually the port of Rijeka (Croatia), and all the actors involved in the intermodal transport processes.


The study, which was selected under the 2010 TEN-T Multi-Annual Call, aims to create a prototype of a common e-platform based on the development of a NAPA web portal for data sharing based on the interconnection of the ports’ ICT systems.


The prototype will be the first step of a more complex system, which will be expanded step-by-step to include further functionalities. At full capacity, the NAPA portal will be able to provide a wealth of information, facilitating and speeding up the completion of formalities. The project will serve as an example for other EU port clusters and ultimately contribute to enabling more effective and efficient maritime facilities in the region.


For more information, please consult the project's page!



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