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Alternative fuel for road transport in Spain benefits from EU support

Creation date: January 10, 2013

The European Union will co-finance with almost €2 million from the TEN-T Programme a study to determine the required steps to integrate Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refuelling technology and infrastructure on the TEN-T road network in Spain and demonstrate the potential of LNG as an more environmentally friendly and cost effective transport fuel for heavy goods vehicles.


The project, which was selected for funding under the 2011 TEN-T Annual Call, will look at the possible large scale implementation of LNG refuelling stations across Spain and the EU by conducting a series of studies and pilots.


Seven different LNG refuelling stations will be installed as part of the project to test different kinds of designs for this type of infrastructure. The LNG logistics chain as well as the potential business models for a regional and/or European roll-out of refuelling stations will also be analysed to paint a broader picture.


Additionally, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) communication technologies will be integrated within the LNG refuelling stations and could incorporate technologies such as intelligent routing, station monitoring, pricing policy and payment methods.


The project is set to be completed by the end of 2014.


For more information, please consult the project's page!



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