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Accessing your health data securely across borders will be now easier

Creation date: February 7, 2019

The European Commission has presented a set of recommendations for the creation of a secure system that will enable citizens to access their electronic health files across Member States.

When a person requires health care treatment in another Member State, having access to their personal health records will support and improve the quality of this care, for example by enabling faster, more accurate diagnosis and improved prognosis.

Currently, Member States are at varying stages of digitising their health systems and implementing Electronic Health Record systems that are accessible to their citizens. This situation affects negatively the ability of citizens to access their health data, in particular across borders.

EU countries and ehealth data

Member States have already started to make some parts of electronic health records accessible and exchangeable across borders. Since 21 January 2019, Finnish citizens can buy medicines using their ePrescriptions in Estonia and Luxembourgish doctors will be soon able to access the patient summaries of Czech patients.

In addition to Finland, Estonia, Luxembourg and Czech Republic, 18 countries are expected to exchange patient summaries and e-prescriptions by the end of 2021. Supported by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom programme, many Member States are already working on an eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure within the eHealth Network.

For more information about the eHealth Actions within the CEF Telecom programme check out INEA┬┤s website.