Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

69 project proposals submitted under the 2019 CEF Transport calls

Creation date: April 24, 2019

INEA has received 69 project proposals requesting over €256.5 million co-funding by today's 17:00 deadline of the 2019 CEF Transport calls. Evaluation of the proposals will start in May, and the grant agreements with the successful applicants will be prepared as of October 2019.

The 2019 CEF Transport calls for proposals was published on 5 December 2018 and were opened for applications on 8 January 2019, with a total combined budget of €100 million.


The call covers two priorities:

  • Projects on the Comprehensive Network (€65 million)
  • Reduction of rail freight noise (€35 million)


Applicants have submitted proposals under the two calls as follows:



Number of proposals

Requested funding, €

Available funding, €

Projects on the Comprehensive Network


236.4 million

65 million

Rail Freight Noise


20.1 million

35 million



256.5 million

100 million


INEA will now evaluate all submitted proposals with the help of independent external evaluators. Evaluation will start in May and its results will be announced in September 2019. The successful applicants will receive an invitation to start the grant agreement preparation as of October 2019.