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47 applicants pass to the second stage of two H2020 energy calls

Creation date: April 30, 2018

INEA has invited 47 applicants to submit full project proposals in the second and final selection stage of two Competitive Low-Carbon calls for funding, focusing on renewable energy systems integrated in buildings (LC-SC3-RES-4-2018) and improving renewable technologies (LC-SC3-RES-11-2018). The deadline to submit the full project proposals is 23 August 2018.

Altogether, INEA received 159 projects proposals in the above calls for funding. The total available budget is €57.5 million. According to estimates, up to twelve projects, six for each call, may be funded under these topics. The final decision will be announced the latest by 23 January 2019.

Call identifier Topic Available budget Pre-selected proposals Requested funding
LC-SC3-RES-4-2018 Renewable energy system integrated at the   building scale €27.5m 21 €94.2 m
LC-SC3-RES-11-2018 Developing solutions to reduce the cost and   increase performance of renewable technologies €30 m 26 €111.7 m


The selection of projects will be done by external independent experts. These evaluators are drawn from the European Commission's database. The Commission is looking to expand the database through a call for experts covering a very broad range of fields. If you fit the profile and would like to be considered for evaluations, please sign up in the Participant Portal.

Check INEA's website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on the selection process and for information on upcoming funding opportunities.

In a two-stage selection process, applicants submit short project proposals in the first stage and a full project proposal in the second stage.


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