Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

22 proposals submitted under the latest CEF Energy call

Creation date: October 12, 2018

INEA has received 22 project proposals requesting €2.3 billion co-funding by yesterday's deadline of the 2018-2 CEF Energy call. The available call budget is maximum €500 million. Evaluation of the proposals will start in November, and the grant agreements with the successful applicants will be prepared as of February 2019.

The call funding will support best projects of common interest in the energy sector, namely in electricity, smart grids, gas and cross-border carbon dioxide networks that have these objectives:

  • Ending energy isolation
  • Increasing competitiveness by promoting the integration on the internal energy market and the interoperability of electricity and gas networks across borders
  • Enhancing the Union's security of supply
  • Integrating energy from renewable sources and developing smart energy networks
  • Eliminating energy bottlenecks
  • Completion of the internal energy market
  • Contributing to sustainable development and protection of the environment, inter alia by the integration of energy from renewable sources and by the development of smart energy networks and cross-border carbon dioxide networks

Five proposals were submitted in gas sector, 12 in the electricity sector, two in the CO2 sector and three for smart grids.

INEA will now evaluate all submitted proposals with the help of independent external evaluators. Evaluation will start in early November and its results will be announced in February 2019. The successful applicants will receive an invitation to start the grant agreement preparation as of February 2019.