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2010 TEN-T Action Status Report (ASR) template now available!

Creation date: January 25, 2010

The TEN-T EA has released an updated version of the ASR (Action Status Report) template to be utilised for the reporting year 2009. Highlighted at the Agency’s Project Management Workshop held earlier this month in Brussels, the ASR is used by the beneficiary to report on the technical progress of the project as compared to the initial plan, as well as the associated budget consumption. It is the main document used by the Agency to follow and review the progress of a given project.


The 2010 ASR consists of two documents:

  • a Word document containing sections 1, 2 (with the exception of 2.4), 4, 5 and 6
  • an Excel document containing sections 2.4 and 3.


The Excel spreadsheet provides an easier to use format for beneficiaries to provide the requested information.


Beneficiaries will receive by email a pre-filled version of these documents towards the end of January 2010.


In the meantime, the standard ASR template is available in the Beneficiaries' Info Point section of this website.