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2009 Calls for Proposals: essential statistics

Creation date: June 15, 2009

Proposals being opened and checked

The 2009 TEN-T Calls for Proposals, for which the deadline for submission was 15 May 2009, saw considerable participation with a total of 261 proposals which arrived to the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency for a total requested funding of over €3.3 billion.

The bulk of the funding requests were submitted under the European Economic Recovery Plan (EERP), with a total of over €2 billion which will have to be implemented largely, according to the rules stipulated for this specific call, between 2009 and 2010 in order to give an immediate boost to the European economy by promoting and accelerating investments in infrastructure.

In terms of modal split, proposals for projects involving rail and ERTMS totalled over €1.5 billion, followed by road projects with over €700 million and air traffic management ones with a total value of slightly under €200 million.

The TEN-T EA, which is responsible for the technical and financial implementation of the TEN-T programme, is in charge of all open projects under the 2000-2006 and 2007-2013 funding schemes, representing all transport modes - air, rail, road, and maritime/sea - plus logistics and intelligent transport systems, and involving all EU Member States.