Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

148 project proposals submitted under the 2018 CEF Transport call

Creation date: October 25, 2018

INEA has received 148 project proposals requesting nearly €929 million co-funding by yesterday's deadline of the 2018 CEF Transport call. The available call budget is maximum €450 million. Evaluation of the proposals will start in November, and the grant agreements with the successful applicants will be prepared as of April 2019.

The call covers funding objectives and priorities supporting the policy orientations of the 3rd Clean Mobility Package. The focus of financial assistance will thus be on transport digitalisation, road safety and multimodality.

Applicants have submitted proposals under the following call priorities:

Priority Number of proposals Requested funding, € Available funding, €
Rail interoperability 14 86.7 million 100 million
European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS) 6 93.3 million
Safe and secure infrastructure 23 158.5 million 200 million
Innovation and new technologies 44 202.5 million
Intelligent Transport Services for road (ITS) 23 192.5 million 150 million
River Information Services (RIS) 2 2.3 million
Multimodal logistics platforms 36 192.8 million
Total 148 928.6 million 450 million


INEA will now evaluate all submitted proposals with the help of independent external evaluators. Evaluation will start in early November and its results will be announced in April 2019. The successful applicants will receive an invitation to start the grant agreement preparation as of April 2019.