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€85 million Competitive Low Carbon Energy call opens for submission

Creation date: May 11, 2016

Six topics of the Competitive Low Carbon Energy call for project proposals are currently open for submission with a total available budget of €85 million:


  • LCE-09-2016: Increasing the competitiveness of the EU PV manufacturing industry (total available budget: €25 million)
  • LCE-13-2016: Solutions for reduced maintenance, increased reliability and extended life-time of off-shore wind turbines/farms (total available budget: €10 million)
  • LCE-15-2016: Scaling up in the ocean energy sector to arrays (total available budget:  €15 million)
  • LCE-19-2016-2017: Demonstration of the most promising advanced biofuel pathways (total available budget:  €15 million)
  • LCE-20-2016-2017: Enabling pre-commercial production of advanced aviation biofuel (total available budget: €15 million)
  • LCE-22-2016: International Cooperation with Brazil on advanced lignocellulosic biofuels (total available budget:  €5 million)


The call deadline is 8 September 2016 at 17:00.


Please note that there might be further EU funding opportunities in energy research announced on the Participant Portal.


What are the requirements for participation?

The requirements for submitting a research proposal are detailed in the relevant call documents published on each call page. Please also consult the General Annexes of the H2020 Work Programme for 2016-2017 for general rules on funding, such as the list of countries that can apply for funding, standard eligibility criteria, submission rules, types of projects and their funding rates and other useful information. The list of associated countries can be found on the Participant Portal.


How to apply?

Applicants have to submit their proposal electronically, following the link from the topic page on the Participant Portal. Please follow the guidelines on proposal submission and evaluation. For all questions related to Horizon 2020, please contact the Research Enquiry Service.


How will the grants be awarded?

The submitted proposals are evaluated by external experts drawn from the European Commission's independent expert database. Applicants will receive the evaluation results at the latest five months after the submission deadline. Grant agreements will be signed with the successful applicants within eight months after the submission deadline.


Become an expert

External evaluators of project proposals are drawn from the European Commission's independent expert database. The Commission is looking to expand the database through a call for experts covering a very broad range of fields. If you fit the expert profile rather than that of an applicant, and would like to be considered as a proposal evaluator, sign up in the Participant Portal.