Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

€676 million requested for Horizon 2020 transport projects

Creation date: February 2, 2017

INEA has received 136 project proposals by yesterday's deadline of five Mobility for Growth and nine Green Vehicles topics. The total available budget for both calls is €163.7 million.

Successful Mobility for Growth projects are expected to develop innovative transport solutions in the field of aviation, improve transport infrastructure, as well as carry out research supporting policy making.  Projects on the use of alternative fuels, hybrid and electric vehicles, improved heavy duty vehicles, and fast charging infrastructure will be supported through the Green Vehicles call. Take a look at more detailed call description.


Proposals by topic


Activity Topic Description Type of action Indicative budget (M€) Proposals submitted Requested funding (M€)
Aviation MG-1.2-2017  Reducing aviation noise RIA 20 4 27.9
Infrastructure MG-7.3-2017  The Port of the future CSA 1.2 3 3.5
Socio-economic and behavioural research and forward looking activities for policy MG-8.2-2017  Big data in Transport: Research opportunities, challenges and limitations CSA 2.0 17 19.8
MG-8.4-2017  Improving accessibility, inclusive mobility and equity: new tools and business models for public transport in prioritised areas RIA 7.5 23 61.6
MG-8.5-2017  Shifting paradigms: Exploring the dynamics of individual preferences, behaviours and lifestyles influencing travel and mobility choices RIA 31 56.6
      Total 30.7 78 169.5



Indicative budget - €133 million

Topic Description Type of action Proposals submitted Requested funding (M€)
GV-01-2017 Optimisation of heavy duty vehicles for alternative fuels use IA 4 67
GV-04-2017  Next generation electric drivetrains for fully electric vehicles, focusing on high efficiency and low cost RIA 14 143.5
GV-05-2017  Electric vehicle user-centric design for optimised energy efficiency RIA 4 33.5
GV-06-2017  Physical integration of hybrid and electric vehicle batteries at pack level aiming at increased energy density and efficiency IA 5 30.6
GV-07-2017  Multi-level modelling and testing of electric vehicles and their components RIA 8 61.5
GV-08-2017 Electrified urban commercial vehicles integration with fast charging infrastructure IA 3 33.2
GV-09-2017 Aerodynamic and flexible trucks IA 2 19.3
GV-10-2017 Demonstration (pilots) for integration of electrified L-category vehicles in the urban transport system IA 10 81.1
GV-13-2017 Production of next generation battery cells in Europe for transport applications RIA 8 36.9
    Total 58 506.7


The results of the evaluation will be known no later than 1 July 2017. The selection of projects will be done by external independent experts. These evaluators are drawn from the European Commission's database.

The Commission is looking to expand the database through a call for experts covering a very broad range of fields. If you fit the profile and would like to be considered for evaluations, please sign up in the Participant Portal.

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