Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

€272.5 million requested for H2020 energy projects

Creation date: September 9, 2016

INEA has received 24 project proposals by yesterday's deadline of the Competitive Low-Carbon Energy call, requesting overall €272.5 million in EU funding. The total available budget for six topics that closed yesterday is €85 million. Evaluation of the project proposals will start in October.

€80 million in total are available for project proposals under five topics of the of the Competitive Low-Carbon Energy call in the area of 'Innovative renewable energy technologies':

  • LCE-09-2016: Increasing the competitiveness of the EU PV manufacturing industry
  • LCE-13-2016: Solutions for reduced maintenance, increased reliability and extended life-time of off-shore wind turbines/farms
  • LCE-15-2016: Scaling up in the ocean energy sector to arrays
  • LCE-19-2016-2017: Demonstration of the most promising advanced biofuel pathways
  • LCE-20-2016-2017: Enabling pre-commercial production of advanced aviation biofuel

One topicLCE-22-2016, with a total available budget of €5 million was open for 'International Cooperation with Brazil on advanced lignocellulosic biofuels'.

The submission data are:

Topic Number of proposals Requested EC contribution, € million Available funding, € million
LCE-09-2016 6 73.42 25
LCE-13-2016 5 46.05 10
LCE-15-2016 5 78.79 15
LCE-19-2016-2017 5 57.27 15
LCE-20-2016-2017 1 11.95 15
LCE-22-2016 1 5 5
Total 24  272.5 85


Evaluation of all the topics is expected to start on 3 October 2016. Applicants will receive the evaluation results by 8 February at the latest.

External evaluators of project proposals are drawn from the European Commission's independent expert database. The Commission is looking to expand the database through a call for experts covering a very broad range of fields. If you fit the expert profile and would like to be considered as a proposal evaluator, please sign up in the Participant Portal.