Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

€236 million awarded to Horizon 2020 Energy projects

Creation date: November 21, 2018

INEA signed grant agreements with 29 projects that had been selected for H2020 Energy funding. Some projects have already started, whereas the others will be launched the latest by January 2019.

Two out of eleven submitted project proposals were successful in the Smart Cities and Communities call. They will receive in total over €38 million.

In the Smart citizen-centred energy system call (topics LC-SC3-ES-3, LC-SC3-ES-4 and LC-SC3-ES-5), seven out of 49 submitted projects were invited to sign a grant agreement with INEA. They will receive almost €58 million from the EU. 

Neither of two project proposals in the Renewable Fuels for Transport call (LC-SC3-RES-22) were successful.

Earlier this year, INEA also signed grant agreements with successful applicants in the H2020 Energy call for projects developing renewable energy solutions (LC-SC3-RES-5, LC-SC3-RES-6, LC-SC3-RES-12, LC-SC3-RES-13, LC-SC3-RES-21 and LC-SC3-RES-28). In total, twenty out of 83 project proposals were funded with €140 million from the EU budget.


Examples of funded projects


MAKING-CITY: Towards low-carbon cities

Currently, over 74% of the EU citizens live in cities, and this figure is very likely to rise further in the future, reaching 80% by 2045. MAKING-CITY is a large scale project developing a set of solutions centred on the positive energy district approach, i.e. when urban districts produce more energy than what they consume. This would allow cities to become more energy self-sustainable, reduce greenhouse emissions and fight air pollution, at the same time increasing the quality of urban life.

The proposed innovations, such as positive energy buildings, renewable energy systems, energy sharing, electric mobility and smart IT tools, will be developed and demonstrated in the lighthouse cities of Groningen (Netherlands) and Oulu (Finland). Ready solutions will be then adapted to specific conditions of the follower cities of Bassano del Grappa (Italy), Kadiköy (Turkey), León (Spain), Lublin (Poland), Poprad (Slovakia) and Vidin (Bulgaria).

MAKING-CITY plans to also focus on effective policy innovation, developing new business models, contributing to new regulations and standards, and engaging with citizens to raise awareness about the need for energy transformation.

Through a strong collaboration and transfer of knowledge between the cities, the project hopes to trigger public and private investment. MAKING-CITY will also foster the growth of new sustainable businesses and start-ups, cthat could create up to 4,000 jobs.

Project full title: Energy efficient pathway for the city transformation: enabling a positive future

EU contribution: €18.1 million

Total cost: €20 million

Topic: Smart Cities and Communities - LC-SC3-SCC

Duration: 60 months

Partners: Bulgaria, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey


SunHorizon: Combining solar energy with heat pumps

SunHorizon received €9 million from the Horizon 2020 programme to demonstrate how heat pumps and solar energy can be combined to unlock the potential of a mass—customised, user-friendly and cost-effective heating and cooling technologies.

The idea behind the project is to couple reliable heat pump solutions, such as thermal compression, adsorption and reversible, with advanced solar panels in order to provide sustainable heating and cooling for residential and commercial buildings. This will lead to lower energy bills, at the same time decreasing CO2 emissions and dependency on fossil fuels.

Eight demonstrations will take place in Belgium, Germany, Latvia and Spain, where SunHorizon will install its technologies in different refurbished and new single/multi-family and tertiary buildings. The project will also develop a cloud-based monitoring platform to assess the results of these demonstrations.

Project full title: Sun coupled innovative Heat pumps

EU contribution: €9 million

Total cost: €11.6 million

Topic: Increased performance of technologies for local heating and cooling solutions - LC-SC3-RES-5

Duration: 48 months

Partners: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Latvia Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK


COMPILE: Building efficient local energy systems

COMPILE's goal is to foster the development of local energy systems and boost the use of local energy sources. The project plans to introduce innovative energy storage solutions supported by new business models and organisational measures and to empower energy consumers.

COMPILE will engage with distribution system operators (DSOs), market actors and energy consumers to show the benefits coming from the cooperation between these stakeholders. Three full demonstration sites and two replication sites will take place in five European countries (Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain). Their aim is to encourage energy consumers to become active actors in the energy market by giving them new technological tools and providing them with new business models.

The demos will cover different technologies, organisational levels, community sizes, regulatory frameworks and compositions (industry / houses/retail) and will have a high replicability potential.

Project full title: Integrating community power in energy islands

EU contribution: €5.4 million

Total cost: €6.9 million

Topic: Integrated local energy systems (Energy islands) - LC-SC3-ES-3

Duration: 42 months

Partners: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain