Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

€2.2 billion requested for CEF Transport projects

Creation date: July 14, 2017

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) has received 68 project proposals by today's deadline for the 2017 CEF Transport Blending call in 11 priority areas covering all transport modes, infrastructure, as well as multimodal logistics platforms.

Applicants requested a total of €2.2 billion EU funding, whereas the available call budget is €1 billion. Selected projects are expected to blend CEF support with other funding sources, including the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI).

Detailed submission data:

Call Nr proposals Requested funding Available budget
Core Network Corridors 24 €1,450 million €450 million
Other sections of the Core Network 1 €5 million €100 million
Rail interoperability 2 €23 million €50 million
European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)  10 €397 million €100 million
Innovation and new technologies 17 €203 million €140 million
Safe and secure infrastructure 0 N/A €10 million
Single European Sky - SESAR 2 €18 million €40 million
Intelligent Transport Systems for Road (ITS) 0 N/A €40 million
Motorways of the Sea (MoS) 1 €6 million €40 million
Nodes of the Core Network 8 €94 million €10 million
Multimodal logistics platforms 3 €13 million €20 million


What are the next steps?

Admissibility and eligibility checks of the proposals will start on 18 July and evaluations by external experts on 4 September. Evaluation results will be announced in January 2018 at the latest.

14 July deadline was the first call's cut-off date. The second one is scheduled for 30 November 2017 (to be confirmed). Applicants can start submitting their proposals for the second cut-off date as of 17 July midday.

The evaluation of the proposals received by the first cut-off date will take place over the coming months. In order to be able to take account of the results of the evaluation of proposals submitted under the first cut-off date, the Commission is envisaging to request INEA to postpone the second cut-off date until the first trimester of 2018.

A position on these issues will be communicated on INEA's website after the summer break.