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2016 info day on Horizon 2020 Smart Grids and Storage

Monday, October 3, 2016 - 00:00

Charlemagne building, Brussels

The event targeted potential applicants to the calls for Smart Grids and Storage projects, which will be funded under the 2016-2017 Horizon 2020 Work programme 'Secure, clean and efficient energy', and in particular under the 'Competitive low-carbon energy' (LCE) call (topics: LCE-01-2016-2017, LCE-04-2017 and LCE-05-2017).

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About the event

Presentations covered the call content and the application procedure. Please have a look at the agenda for further details.



The event has been recorded and will be soon available under this link:



The info day was also covered live on Twitter at #H2020GridsStorage.  

Have a look at the presentations:

/inea/en/file/01-andreeastrachinescu-info-days.pdfSmart Grids and Storage - policy background

/inea/en/file/02-wp-2017-lce1-4-5-rd-hd.pdfPresentation of the 2017 call

/inea/en/file/03cohesionpolicysupportforsmartgridsandh2020synergies3oct2016.pdfCohesion policy support for smart grids and storage

/inea/en/file/04outcome-2016-lessons-learned-info-day.pdfOutcome of 2016 call and lessons learnt

/inea/en/file/05wp2107-bridge2.pdfBRIDGE initiative

/inea/en/file/06sgs2017k.preslavskyallyouneedtoknowabouttheevaluation.pdfKey steps of the evaluation process

/inea/en/file/0720161003sgsrggpresentation.pdfWhat evaluators want

/inea/en/file/08h2020dosanddontsrowenamccappinrealvaluefinal.pdfDos and don'ts of submitting a proposal



A networking session took place in the afternoon.

This year's networking event, organised by the EU Directorate-General for Energy, featured free networking as well as a poster exhibition where selected participants highlighted their project ideas.

Have a look at the posters presented during the networking session:


/inea/en/file/mertencealce1posterv01.pdfInstitut National de l'Energie Solaire (INES)



/inea/en/file/smallbone-swan-centre-phes.pdfNewcastle University


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