Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

Recruitment Privacy Policy

Your personal data provided during the selection and recruitment procedure in accordance with Regulation (EU) N° 2018/1725 on the "protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the EU institutions, bodies, offices & agencies" of 23 October 2018 (hereafter, the Regulation).

Further to Article 15 and Article 16 of this Regulation, the INEA provides the data subjects with the following information:

  1. The controller of the present processing operation is the Head of the Resources Unit in the Agency, being Head of the Sector Human Resources.
  2. The purpose of this processing operation is to select and recruit candidates suitable to cover the vacancies of INEA and to establish the rights of the Agency's future employees.
  3. The categories of data collected and used for the processing operations
    1. during the selection phase:
      • Personal data allowing identification of the candidate: title, surname, first name, date and place of birth
      • Information provided by the candidate to contact the candidate and to allow practical organisation of admission tests: street, postcode, place, country, telephone and fax number, email address.
      • Information provided by the candidate to allow the verification of the eligibility and selection criteria as laid down in the vacancy notice: nationality, education and training (diploma awarded), professional experience (job title, length, company name, company type and web address of company (optional), main tasks and responsibilities), linguistic and job related skills and competencies.
      • Motivation letter of candidate.
      • In case of an admission test: results of written and oral tests.
    2. during the recruitment phase:
      • Diplomas, certificates and complementary training
      • Proof from previous employment and references
      • Contracts and amendments and job descriptions of previous employments
      • Medical aptitude certificate
      • Criminal record
      • Military service certificate
      • Payslip previous employment
      • Birth certificate
      • Documents proving nationality and marital status
      • Registration place of residence
      • When married, last payslip of the husband/spouse and if not employed a declaration on honour of non-employment
      • Birth certificate of dependent children
      • Divorce, legal separation or maintenance judgements
      • Financial Identification of a Belgian bank account
  4. As regards the e-Recruitment tool, all replies to the questions in the candidate profile are obligatory, except for the replies to skills and competences not related to work (example social, artistic). Applicants not answering the questions on the eligibility criteria during their application will be unable to continue the process and apply. The lack of reply to the other questions will not block the application but will be taken into consideration by the members of the panel during the pre-selection.
  5. The recipients of your data will be the human resources sector, the members of the selection panel as well as the Head of the Resources Unit and the Director of the Agency. PMO (Office for Administration and Payment of Individual Entitlements) will receive some of the submitted information in order to establish the rights of the future employee.
  6. Legal basis
    • Council Regulation (EC) No 58/2003 of 19 December 2002 laying down the statute for executive agencies to be entrusted with certain tasks in the management of Community programmes
    • Decision C(2007)5282 of 5/XI/2007 delegating powers to the TEN-T EA with a view to the performance of tasks linked to implementation of the community programme for grants in the field of the trans-European transport network, comprising in particular implementation of appropriations entered in the Community budget as amended by Decision C(2008)5538 of 7/X/2008
    • Articles 12-15 of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities and the Staff Regulations (for temporary agents)
    • Articles 82-84 of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities and the Staff Regulations (for temporary agents)
    • Steering Committee Decision SC (2009) 009 of 18 September 2009 on the Engagement and use of Temporary Agents
    • Steering Committee Decision SC (2012) 020 of 17 July 2012 on the Use and engagement of Contract Agents
  7. The time limits for storing the data are the following
    • Should you be recruited, then your data will be retained in line with the Common Retention List of the Commission, for 8 years after the extinction of all rights of the person concerned and of any dependants, and for at least 100 years after recruitment.
    • Data pertaining to applicants who were invited for an interview during the course of a given selection and recruitment procedure will be kept at least until the first HR audit and in line with the Common Retention List of the Commission for a maximum of 5 years following the conclusion of the recruitment procedure.
    • Data related to applicants not invited for an interview will remain in the Agency's common drive for a period of maximum 5 years in line with the Common Retention List of the Commission. Data will be automatically removed at the end of this period.
    • Data in the e-recruitment tool are stored for 5 years in line with the Common Retention List of the Commission, at the end of this period data will be automatically destroyed. You will be notified one month before the end of this period about the removal. You can nevertheless always delete your data via the e-recruitment tool at any moment.
  8. You have the right to access your personal data at any time and the right to correct any inaccurate or incomplete personal data (limited to factual errors after the closing date indicated in the vacancy notice). Considering the confidential nature of the proceedings of a selection panel and the established case law of EU courts, access to personal data may be limited on the grounds of Article 2 of Regulation. If you have any queries concerning the processing of your personal data or a request to access or rectify your personal data, please contact the INEA recruitment team.
  9. You have the right to have recourse at any time to the Data Protection Officer ( of the Agency or in case of conflict with the Controller or Data Protection Officer concerning the processing of your personal data, you have the right to submit a complaint at any time directly to the European Data Protection Supervisor (