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Innovative Methodologies and technologies for reducing Aircraft noise Generation and Emission

IMAGE is working on innovative aircraft noise control/reduction technologies and strategies for effective manipulation and suppression of airframe and engine noise generation and propagation, as well as on improved computational and experimental methodologies enabling robust aero-acoustic analysis. In particular, it focuses on noise control and aero-acoustic optimisation of both landing-gear and high-lift devices, as well as novel acoustic liners and optimal installation effects for noise emission reduction of the engine.

The most promising control devices under analysis are plasma actuation, turbulence screens (meshes) and innovative porous materials (acoustic liners). In order to unveil and model the physical mechanisms devices enabling control and a reduction of airframe and engine fan noise, comprehensive investigation will be conducted by studying simplified yet representative configurations of the landing-gear noise, high-lift (HL) noise and engine noise. Installation effects will be assessed with simplified engine-jet/wing configuration.

A fundamental study in the framework of these basic flow configurations provides a consolidate basis for understanding the mechanism of noise generation and control. The investigation will be conducted using advanced experimental technologies and numerical methods. Both the measurement techniques and computational methodologies will undergo further development and improvement to drive the best achievements from the project work.

The success of the IMAGE project will enhance the TRL of noise-reduction technologies developed and will facilitate their potential industrial use. It is expected that IMAGE will lead to the formulation of some technology concepts at TRL 2 of improved noise-reduction technologies. The “proof of concept” will be explored so as to enhance the TRL to 3. Selected technologies will be further optimized and adapted to low-noise configurations, and validated against laboratory experiment, which may support to bring the technologies and low-noise configurations towards TRL 4. Overall, the industrial partners will play a leading role in the assessment of the developed noise-reducing concepts.

IMAGE is an EU-China collaboration project. It consists of 21 partners.

IMAGE project - illustration of sound airframe
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01/04/2016 to 31/03/2019
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