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FUture Cabin for the Asian Market

The FUCAM project aims to develop a conceptual cabin interior design dedicated to the Asian markets for 2025 onwards.

The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing air transport market in terms of aircraft deliveries and seat capacity growth. The market has a very large potential, which is supported by the strong economic and demographic growth. More specifically the Japanese airline passenger's needs and requirements are today recognized as anticipation of the societal trends that will affect the world future passenger, thus also the passengers in the EU. These facts will drive FUCAM to contribute to the advancement of the current state of the art in cabin architecture, design and systems development so as to eventually develop the best cabin product, meeting the needs of the Asian market, and become the basis for further future work. This represents a unique opportunity for the EU aeronautics sector to contribute to developing of the future airplane cabin and, at the same time, leveraging the resources, mitigating risks and establishing a long-term relationship with Japan.

Within the FUCAM project the conceptual designs of aircraft seating and cabin interior are expected to better meet the Asian requirements and habits regarding travel behaviour and lifestyle, as the latter differ from those of the Europeans in terms of comfort and enjoyment of the in-flight experience. In parallel, FUCAM will establish a panorama of the innovative cabin technologies emerging in Europe and Japan. From these inputs, it will compose a cabin concept satisfying the collected requirements, while incorporating the most promising enabling technologies. Other aspects, such as efficient cabin installation/re-configuration, power and data distribution, communications and electro-magnetic radiation, will be addressed through the identification of the airline's requirements.

FUCAM is a three-year EU-Japan collaborative project gathering the expertise of eight research and industrial partners from seven European countries and from Japan. FUCAM's project partners represent the entire value chain when designing a new cabin or cabin interiors, from very upstream research to industrial end product.

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01/02/2016 to 31/01/2019
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